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ed g.
San Diego, CA

YELP Readers
over 2 years ago I bought 2 pairs of all Leather Power Recliners [IMG Group-Norwegian] for our home  we got great attention when we first entered SCAN  ..  and we’ve really enjoyed them…
but recently the right side of 1 of the pair quit operating..    on 5/3/2017 I went to SCAN Furniture House on Miramar Road..and met with Laura Lang and the owner..
wow,  they were incredible!.. they quickly found their copy of my receipt!…confirmed a full warranty was ‘in-force’ said ”we’ll have our repairman out to your house very soon’    Laura called me an hour or so later …. and Said ‘Tom will call’..  an hour later TOM called and we set an appointment that met my schedule the very next day!
Yesterday [5/3/2017] TOM came out…. and while very professionally troubleshooting he found the problem….  a wire had gotten under the chair… and it was cut….  5 minutes later it was repaired perfectly.. and TOM cleaned up was gone…
.  it’s interesting to note that from the time I entered SCAN Furniture House to ask for help… that my Power Recliner was repaired in less than 12 hours… no charge!     NOW THAT’S CALLED “SERVICE AFTER THE SALE” I’m here to tell you….
Fellow YELPER .. if you’re shopping for furniture, go to SCAN Furnitrure House on Miramar Road …  they will really take good care of you I can sincerely attest
Your fellow YELPER ed greene   [san diego resident .. served here in the Navy in 1963]


Elaine S.
Doylestown, PA

Fabulous store . Mostly made in the USA and Italy post Modern style and great prices. Wonderful staff, too, always showing what other offers in finishes, sizes, etc. plus it’s full service and nothing to put together! Purchased a rolling tv credenza, four lucite dining  chairs, and an Italian lacquer bedroom set. My favorite local furniture store.


Anshuman B.
San Diego, CA

This review is purely based on our interaction with Mike, who is the store owner. We have been trying to furnish a whole house and been to pretty much every single modern furniture store in San Diego. I can say that meeting Mike at Scan has been a very lucky surprise in our quest to furnish our new house. He is knowledgeable, available, and honest. He is not out to BS you or quick sell you. He treats you like an intelligent human being and is not pushy at all. He is honest about his prices and although I haven’t received our order yet, I cannot imagine any hiccups (I will update this review later after delivery) that he will not personally resolve. Most of all, his prices are extremely competitive. Being an avid internet shopper and also having checked out prices on the exact same special order pieces at Hold It Furniture and Lawrence, Scan Furniture House is quite a bit cheaper than the local shops and on par with the internet shops. You will definitely save enough to make the drive to Mira Mesa worth it.


Brian A.
San Diego, CA

We bought a Greenington furniture set from them recently and their price was 10% lower than another retailer in the area and also lower than online retailers. We also had a good experience with their deliveryman. It turnout out the Greenington forgot to include a piece in the box, and our deliveryman went back to the store, got the piece from another box, and returned within a couple of hours to complete assembly. By the time he returned it was already 7 pm–I think many deliverymen would have just returned the next day.


Jody H.
Cardiff, CA

I have been buying furniture from Michael, owner of Scan Furniture since 2008. I love everything I have ever purchased from Scan.

When shopping a new piece of furniture I always visit many stores looking for a good value. My last stop is always Scan.  It becomes quickly apparent that Scan’s furniture is a bit more expensive but a much better value.  After I make the decision to buy from Scan I never have buyers remorse and love the additional design pop that Scan furniture delivers.

You cannot go wrong here!!


Valerie O.
El Cajon, CA

Went to Scan for the first time the other day. I fell in love with this furniture store immediately. Mike was very helpful and explained a lot about the furniture. Of course I had to go back and buy a couple pieces. Dave was extremely helpful as well. I’m in love with this place and I keep thinking about all the next pieces I want to buy. Highly recommend this furniture place. I’m so excited about my new pieces as I got the Ola and a chair. I’m definitely going back to get a sectional from here as well. Everything is amazingly beautiful.


Chan’tel G.
Spring, TX

I’m assisting with research and development at my law firm, and that includes redesigning our law firm’s reception area. Yay!

I have been in contact with both Mike and Dave via phone and e-mail since Fall 2012 and let me tell you, they are excellent communicators and care about their business!

They answered all of my questions, returned calls and e-mails promptly.  They gave quotes and estimates without even seeing me or knowing that they would get a sale! I’m sure they were shocked when I finally called to schedule a time to come in.  We did and Mike was even more hospitable in person than on the phone.  He even had one of his guys bring in a sofa for us to look at from their warehouse that wasn’t on the sales floor. Wow!

We’re still browsing, but definitely leaning on purchasing here.  I want to a least buy a chair lol – they’ve been that great.

They’re a little on the pricier side, but you get what you pay for and your purchases will last long.  They’ll gladly tell you which manufacturer would best suit your needs in regards to wear and tear.

Psst…they don’t sell artwork on their website but do have a nice limited selection in-store. I highly recommend checking them out.  I’m sure all the sales reps are great, but ask for Mikes — he’s top notch!